Below is the summary of the steps on how to join Longrich in South Africa.

Why Join Longrich South Africa?

You are paid every week. There are cash payments as well as real-life incentives No monthly targets or compulsory monthly purchases (no autoships). No flushing of points, your points keep accumulating, enabling you to grow at your own pace. The same points generated by your team, which qualify you for free trips; cars still move you from one rank to another.

Registering With Longrich

When you sign up for Longrich, you get all your money back in products of your choice. This means that you are not charged for the registration itself. It’s just you buying the products you want and automatically becoming a partner of this prestigious company.

Longrich Entry Levels in South Africa

We have various entry levels or packages you can choose to become a Longrich partner, as shown below:

Longrich entry levels in South Africa –

VIP – 1680 PVS R30000
PLATINUM– 720 PVS R12000
GOLD – 240 PVS R2750
SILVER – 120 PVS R1650
Q- SILVER – 60pvs R1100  Rich Pack 1 -60 pvs 1900

For any package you choose, you have the option of selecting products of your choice as long as they sum up to the total PVs allocated to that package. The only exception is the starter pack, which comes with default products. Note: you can always upgrade from one level to another even after registration

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