• Magnetic Sanitary Napkin – Night Use (Heavy Flow)



    The SuperbKlean sanitary napkin has three (3) properties:

    FAR INFRARED: This can stimulate local blood circulation, prevent gynecological diseases and relieve dysmenorrhea. It can prevent and help treat hemorrhoids.
    MAGNETIC ENERGY: Magnetic force can prolong life. It enhances blood circulation, the vitality cells, speeds up discharge of toxins during periods, increases bio-enzymes in the vagina and helps to raise the acidity of secretions making them more resistant to infection.
    The magnetic power napkin contains magnetic, electric, light, and heat energy; this energy is referred to as magnetic power.
    The materials in these magnetic napkins apply negative ions, far infrared and other high-tech means processed into chips and used in sanitary napkins to become functional products.
    It has antibacterial, odor elimination, blood absorption acceleration and other effects, for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases; hence it is called a functional magnetic power sanitary napkin.

    ANIONS: Negative ions are acclaimed as “vitamin of life” and “guard of the human body”. They purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen and moisture.
    Friction can prompt the anion strip on the napkin to release anions (4,000-6,000/cm2) which can purify/clean the vagina and prevent the breeding of anaerobic bacteria during menses, thus eliminating odour, preventing itching and resisting bacteria.
    The bottom layer is made of highly resistant and air-permeable materials that prevent leakage and effectively reduce dampness and closeness between napkin and skin.
    Quick absorption without reserve osmosis. Super absorption factors congeal liquid into wood fiber polymers for permanent dryness. This prevents “sticky sensation”.

  • Pantyliners

    • Prevents Toilet infection and most STDs
    •  Serves as anti-tumor.
    •  Presence of Anion helps to treat infection & kills 99.9% bacteria
    •  Eliminates odor, itching and reduces stress in women.
    •  Relieves menstrual discomfort due to infection.
    •  Helps in relieving pains of arthritis and rheumatism.
    •  Prevents urinary tracts infection (UTI).
    • It takes care of most gyneacological diseases (Such as fibroid)
    •  Helps in relieving prostrate problems and prevents prostrate cancer (from 40 years) in men.


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