Alkaline Energy Pi Cup


  • · Increases energy
  • · Fewer occurrences of headaches
  • · Promotes clear thinking
  • · Ease respiration i.e no more shortness of breathing
  • · Less throat irritation-less mucous
  • · Promotes healthy heart functions
  • · Fewer occurrence of nausea(i.e feeling sick)
  • · More stable and regular bowl movements
  • · Decreased likelihood of developing chronic disease
  • · Neutralizes acids and removes toxin from the body
  • · Increases intracellular hydration
  • · Increases ability of cell to expel waste
  • · Promotes weight loss and stabilizes blood sugar
  • · Slows down aging-eliminates free radicals (i.e active oxygen)
  • · Improves immune function
  • . Promotes more youthful skin and helps body to recover quickly from illness
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Alkaline Energy Pi Cup

What we consume daily contribute majorly to the different kinds of diseases that we contract. What we consume helps in creating atmosphere that allows different kinds of disease to thrive. They do this by creating acidic environment which is very critical to the survival of those agents that cause us diseases.

One of the ways to reverse this acidic atmosphere is to introduce alkaline environment.

Our Alkaline (PI) Cup does this by completely eliminating the acidic content of water that we drink and presenting to us water that is completely alkaline in nature.

One of the major components of our Alkaline (PI) Cup is the Tourmaline Stone. This is a miracle stone, whose major function is in the detoxification of the body.


1.      Eliminate excess free radicals within the body.

2.      Water taken from this pi cup is zinc and oxygen rich

3.      Enhance oxidation resistance and delay the aging process

4.      Eliminates chlorine, hydrogen Sulphide and other heavy metals found in water

5.      Enhance immunity, prevent diseases and protect the liver.

6.      it clears tipsiness and drunkenness no matter how much you drink

7.      It clears smoke and prevents cancer

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Alkaline Energy Pi Cup


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