• Prevents Toilet infection and most STDs
  •  Serves as anti-tumor.
  •  Presence of Anion helps to treat infection & kills 99.9% bacteria
  •  Eliminates odor, itching and reduces stress in women.
  •  Relieves menstrual discomfort due to infection.
  •  Helps in relieving pains of arthritis and rheumatism.
  •  Prevents urinary tracts infection (UTI).
  • It takes care of most gyneacological diseases (Such as fibroid)
  •  Helps in relieving prostrate problems and prevents prostrate cancer (from 40 years) in men.
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Superbklean Magnetic Pantyliners

is not designed for menstruating ladies and pregnant women, rather it is designed to cure diseases of various kinds. It could be used in underpants by either females or males, as it prevents and cures prostrate cancer in men. Longrich Superbklean Anti-Bacteria Panty Liner (with Magnetic Energy, Anion, and Far Infrared) helps treat infections, kills harmful bacteria, eliminate odour & itching, and reduces stress in women. It can effectively restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and immunity.

This product is designed to contain three powerful components: Bio-magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions. The bio-magnetic Energy gives energy and enhances self protection; Far infrared prevents and cures gynecological diseases such as fibroid, ovarian cysts, vaginal infections etc; while the Anions kill bacteria, thus eliminates odour, prevents itching, cures and prevents rashes around the vagina. When the Panty Liner is damped and placed on any part of the body, it eliminates pain. The green strip content can also be detached and soaked in water to discharge it’s magnetic energy.The Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner is effective in the treatment and/or prevention of the following: fibroid, fatigue, foot odour, gynecological infections, cataract, breast lumps, arthritis, prostrate inflammation, cervical cancer, whitlow, body and joint pains, rheumatism, fractures, glaucoma, mild headache, hemorrhoid, old sore, and asthma.


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